Wednesday, March 16, 2011

bella's fabulous former lives

if i believed in reincarnation, i'm pretty sure in her former life bella was in an african tongue clicking tribe. quite possibly, she was also peter parker. she has developed these quirky little nuances in her communication that lead me to believe that she had several fantastic lives before this one. 

mommy: "bella, do you want a banana?"
bella:  ::clicks tongue::

mommy: "bella, is it time for a bath?"
bella: "ba-bath!? ::clicks tongue as she runs to the bathroom::"

it's typically when she is in a goofy mood, so i'm not worried (plus the fact that at 15 months, she has almost 20 words that she recognizes and speaks/signs appropriately). but it is kind of......strange. when she does it, she kind of throws her hip out to the side, her head to the other side, and has this sassy little look on her face, like, "that question is not even worthy of a response, woman."

i totally get that.

we walk around the front of the house, to get her wagon out of the garage for a trip to the park. i punch in the code, hit enter and step back as the garage door starts to raise. bella stretches her arm out in front of her, underside of her arm facing the sky, fingers stretched towards the ground. i'm pretty sure she is thinking, "i must use my spidey powers to open this door".

when we come home from the park, i punch in the code again, hit enter and step back. as soon as it starts, i look around to see bella, spidey arm at work again, with a concentrated look on her face. when it gets to the top, she looks at me and grins.

spidey powers. i have a super baby. 

there is one other life she may or may not have lived before coming to reside with boring old us. the life of a rap video dancer.

if we watched tv, other than handy manny and mickey mouse, i might be a little afraid that i have corrupted my daughter. alas, these talents she has procured on her own. 

we're in the bathroom (because she follows me in there. every. time.), and to keep her from unraveling the entire roll of toilet paper, i sing her favorite songs. choo-choo soul, dance-a-lot robot. you know, stuff worthy of a grammy. plus? my rendition? flawless. i digress.

"come on and dance a lot, with the robot, named dance a lot......come on and move a lot....."

as i belt out my lovely tune that is now stuck in your head, she starts dancing. and shaking her booty. hands on the wall, hips just a shakin' as fast as her little body can move. and then she starts crossing her feet, one in front of the other, as she shakes and twists. 

so, rap video dancer is definitely on the list of previous lives. because i most certainly do not dance like that. nor have i ever.

i'm not sure what she see's in us, but she doesn't complain too much about the doldrums of her present life. she may have also been a mother, because often, while i am sitting on the floor, she walks up to me, hugs me around my arms and pats my back. then she leans over, kisses me and runs off. 

she clearly leads a life of fabulosity.

that little booty shaking, spidey power using, tongue clicking, sweet sweet girl. she makes my day. 

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