Monday, February 9, 2009

busy as a bee.

some little updates:

1-we are now 3/4 of the way through our barrage of visitors. we have hosted my grandma and two of our friends from school so far, and we have my uncle coming out this friday. while we have thoroughly enjoyed all of our visitors and can't wait for uncle to make it out here, i will be very happy to have my house back in 2 weeks =)
joel, chris and duke playing in the waves

2-we bought our first piece of art friday. we were on the north shore and we walked into the wyland gallery (as we often do while we are there), and they were just setting up some new pieces from a (semi) local artist. they were beautiful. the artist was there that day and so he dedicated it to us on the back. the artists name is thom mardro and the piece is called "break point".

3-joel has recieved his orders that he will be getting promoted to captain this may. he will soon be recieving his unofficial orders on our pcs (permanent change of station). we should be finding out where we will be going next within the next month.

4-i start back to work this month. i have been off since december since it has been "too cold" for swimming. haha only in hawaii. i am pretty excited to get back in the water.

5-we will be listing our house in the next month or two. despite this little economic recession, we are hoping to sell it soon. we definitely are a little afraid of what our list price is going to be. most of the units in our area are going for about 80-100k less than we woud need to sell for, which is pretty scary. we are sure though that God will work things out. we are going to talk to the va people and see what they can do for us, as that's who our loan is through. we have been researching our options and we feel like there are a few options that we can explore.

6-joel and i have been painting a bit lately-he is picking it up for the first time and i am getting back into it. joel has actually been quite good. i am impressed and a little surprised =)

joel's painting

my painting

that's about it for now i think. i have had absolutely no time to update this, or even call my mom ;) hopefully next time i blog i will be updating where we will be moving next!!