Sunday, September 12, 2010

9 months. and a giveaway!

bella is 9 months old!


it's true! she has been alive as long as she was in utero.

last year this time, i was so excited to be back on the mainland. we had just come to georgia after spending a MONTH in NC and we were on a high. we had just moved into our apartment, which then, at 1300 sq. ft. felt like a mansion (our condo in hawaii is only 670 sq. ft.). and i was 6 months pregnant.

now, i miss hawaii and our apartment is old news. and i have a 9 month old.

like i talked about yesterday, it took me a little while to be excited about my baby. but all good things take time. and she is great.

per usual, here is where i gush about how awesome bella is. pull out your airplane barf bag now.

bella bean,

this has been a big month for you, little girl. we've done a lot of travelling, including your very first ever beach trip. hopefully, this will be the beginning of a life long love affair with water that both your mommy and daddy share. this prospect looks good.

you have become an expert couch walker and have even mastered the art of moving between the couch and other furniture. this is pretty cool and also a little terrifying. because this means you are getting close to.....walking.

you have 6 teeth. do i need to say more?

we have started telling you "no!" when you do naughty things, like eat dog food, and you sit back and laugh at us. it would be infuriating if it wasn't so cute. but mommy starts to wonder if i will have my work cut out for me with you. you have such a determined little mind and nothing i do seems to stop you. well, other than picking you up. i mean, i am still bigger than you. remember that.

but you make me laugh, especially when you try to crawl THROUGH me. and instead of getting frustrated, you just keep on pushing your head against my shins. keep that determination through your life and you will go far.

you also learned to climb an entire flight of steps. quickly. somewhat like you had been doing it all your life. fortunately, we don't have any stairs, so mommy doesn't have to worry about you hurting yourself, but you navigate different levels like a pro.

i love that you are so strong and quick to learn. we have started teaching you sign language, and already you recognize the signs for "more", "milk" and "drink".

you are the most amazing kid ever. seriously. i love you so much. i say this a lot, but i really do mean it. you are so sweet and snuggly, laying your head down on my chest. i love laying on the floor with you, and having you crawl over and give me your open mouth kisses, though i have to admit, occasionally i fear you are going to bite me. you don't do it a lot, but when you do....well, let's just say, we need to stop that habit real quick.

you are a joy to be around and everywhere we go, people smile at you, laugh at you, and comment about how you "should be the gerber baby". you sure are a beautiful little girl (i like to think you get that from me) and you just get cuter everyday.

and you are such a daddy's girl. your new "trick" has been, mommy asking, "where's daddy?" and you point at him. he is the only one you will point to. and you smile so big when you do it. when he walks in the door, you smile and kick your feet and laugh. you squeal in delight when he tosses you around like a little rag doll. you love your daddy and he loves you.

you love your mommy too, just in a different way. more in a mommy=food way. when you are hungry, you will crawl over to me and sit at my feet, arms stretched up to me and whine "AmaammmaaammmmaaMMMAAAMMMaa". and then you toss your head back and go "MUMMUMUMUM". oh boy, do we have a lot to look forward to.

i know you love me. and i hope you know just how much i love you. which is a lot.

and in honor of bella's 9 month birthday, i am hosting a giveaway. my FIRST giveaway. i know, right?!

as you know, i have been getting crafty and started making.....things. like these!

and i want to give some of it away. so here goes:

1 lucky reader will win a tutu!

mandatory entry:
*simply go to my shop and pick your favorite colors! then come back here and tell me what colors you would choose.

that's it! easy peasy.

extra entries:
*"like" my shop on facebook. then come back here and tell me you did.
*follow this blog and leave a comment telling me you are.
*tweet about this giveaway and link back here! then comment telling me you did.

don't have or know a little precious girl who would love a tutu? it's ok! tell me so (as your mandatory entry) and if you are the winner, i will make you a frame!

be sure to leave your e-mail in one of your comments so i can contact the winner.

thanks for participating and showing some love!

giveaway ends 20 september at 11:59pm and the winner will be chosen by


meeyeehere said...

we like purple!!!!!!!!! My niece Delilah just loves pinks and purples

meeyeehere said...

I do like you on facebook!!!!Your tutus are fabulous!

meeyeehere said...

gfc follower.You daughter is just a doll, what a face!!!!I could just bite her.No need for concern,I won't.

Leah said...

Ok, so if I had to pick colors it would be the black and blue for Panthers colors...but since I have a boy... No tu-tu's here!!

Leah said...

I've been a "like" of your shop since you started it :) haha and Um I can't follow you on Twitter because I have yet to jump on that wagon!

john/sb said...

my little would love a tutu! i like the blue colors.

Kristy said...

Look at that ruffle bathing suit and tutus! Looks like mama is having fun having a girl!

Kathryn said...

I like your pink/green striped tutu!

kclements2001(at) hotmail (dot) com

Taylor Wise said...

Hello Dear! I like the pink, black and white one! :) I liked your shop on FB as well :) I don't have twitter, though. Cute stuff! As you know, I don't have a girl but my boy sure does have girlfriends that he likes to give pretty things too!


Jenn said...

I love the pink, black, and white one (rocker chic).

Jenn said...

liked your on facebook.

Jenn said...

I follow your blog.

torie@Life With Rylie said...

Happy nine months! She is so beautiful!! P.S. I like pink :)

The Shaffers said...

I "liked" you on FB a while back. But i like the all pink one with the pink bow..