Wednesday, March 26, 2014

15 weeks and a shameless plug

it appears that my belly has officially popped. which is just weird and seems way too early. it's especially weird when people i see once a week start commenting on it.

a mom in bella's dance class was like, "wow! you really popped! how far along are you!?" and when i responded "15 weeks", i could almost see the regret flash through her mind.

i don't mind really. apparently that's what happens when it's the third time you grow a person.

so far, it's been tiring, but pretty easy going. i haven't had morning sickness so to speak, but more all day slight queasiness. and i absolutely can't think about, say, see or eat avocados. weird.

i have, however, had 3 sinus infections since finding out i was pregnant. if you think a sinus infection is bad, having one while nursing AND pregnant is a mild form of torture. there is absolutely no medicine i can take, and while i generally prefer home remedies anyway, if you don't jump on it, it gets out of hand real fast. this last time, at the fist moments of post nasaliness (yes, i made that up), i took hourly shots of apple cider vinegar followed by several runs with the neti pot, and a hot hot shower for about 45 minutes. the whole thing ran its course in about a week, and wasn't nearly as bad as they have been.

the most entertaining part of this go round has been discussing baby names with bella. so far, if we have twin girls, which is her preference (we are not having twins, btw) she will name them clementine and lemon drop. if it's just one girl, she wants to stick with clementine. apparently, that's a real winner.

if it's a boy, his name will be side effect. yeah. it's better than motorcycle boy, i guess which was her other offering.

in other exciting news, my mom will be here in 2 months. we will be heading to paris for my birthday and taking the girls to disney while we are there. i could not be more excited, partly because my momma is coming for 2 weeks and partly because DISNEY! prior to that, we are heading to a small island off the coast of spain for a week of sun and fun. we have been trying to cram in as much travel as we can, because we will likely be sidelined for a few months around september.


in non us news, my amazingly talented mother in law is quite the hand crafter. she has an etsy site called EarthyDesign, where she posts her handmade beads and jewelry made from those beads. she is currently having a spring sale for 40% off all items in the shop! check her out!