Saturday, July 10, 2010

stick figure saturday: poop!

i just learned about this fun thing that ericka over at alabaster cow does, called stick figure saturday. i love stick figures. i used to make them all the time at work, ehem....i

none of those people read this blog so what do i care. i made them of people climbing palm trees,drowning in the deep end (while the slacker out there snoozed), and pooping in the pool. which seems to be a common trend in my life. the "poop" part, not the "in the pool" part. well. you'll see.

so this was my house at 1 am. and again at 3 am. oh, and again at 5 am. last night.

baby screaming. dog hacking. daddy sleeping. mommy....WIDE.AWAKE. this morning, daddy asked mommy, did you get up last night? he commonly asks me this. like "wow, i slept so well last night, nothing could have POSSIBLY happened!" but, my dear, lots happened last night. the new dog hocked up a lung. your baby cut another tooth. the old dog wiggled his way up to my face, at which point he decided to rip one. uh huh. i know, that is so gross. but IT HAPPENED! i mean, i can't hide the truth. so when daddy wakes up and asks mommy did she wake up, i want to give him the "devil-is-coming-out-of-my-face" face. instead, i give him a grumpy, "grrrrYES!"

then, i get out of bed, change baby's diaper (poop. lots of it.), then go to the laundry room to toss her diaper in the pail, when i smell...well.....more poop. and not "sweet baby ate carrots and peaches" poop. more like, "rescue dog ate death" poop.

yep. i was right. all over my living room floor. twice. and one was more puddly than poopy. and guess what daddy says to mommy. "man that sucks. you gonna clean it up?" to which i respond, "your turn!" and he runs out of the room gagging. saying "i just can't".

in his defense, he offered to do anything i wanted and take me out for breakfast. but then he just made breakfast. which was really good. whatever. i still had to pick up runny poop. and now i have to clean up from breakfast.


Miranda said...

Your stick figures are way awesomer than mine.

And my husband does the "WOW! Last night must've been AWESOME, huh?" thing and I DO shoot him the "Devil is coming out of my eyes" look.

ericka @ alabaster cow said...

you stick figure reminds me of what it's like to live in my house!! you are skilled in paint. i like that about you.

Justine said...

why thank you ladies. i've had a lot of practice. you know. at work ;)

torie@Life With Rylie said... it!!!