bella's big girl DIY room

when bella turned three, we decided to give her an awesome big girl room!


even before we had kids, i had my eye on this bed.
 it. is. precious. 

pottery barn kids cottage loft bed, $1399.00
but at $1.4k, for a bed she will probably think is cheesy way too soon, it was always just a dream. but thanks to the internet and a crafty husband, we were able to make a bed that is pretty much awesome. 

we didn't use them. but we did base our bed on those plans. 

and added a staircase and (eventually) a slide.

here is the progress

dresser: yard sale find
art: DIY 
sun: IKEA smilla sol with rope light glued inside
wreath: DIY
bunting: DIY

this is still a work in progress. we plan to paint the entire unit, add a slide and some trim. we are also working to declutter her room, as it is overrun with STUFF.

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