Monday, June 29, 2015

and the winner is.....

first of all, thank you to everyone who participated! i am SO excited to be a part of someone getting one of these precious little babies!!!

so, without further ado, the winner is.....


congrats! and thanks again to everyone who participated! 

if you want a precious little moon baby for yourself, cara is giving a discount to all of my readers! see, reading my blog is good for something!! head over to her shop, PaperBird: Crafts on etsy, and message her before purchase. you can customize your very own merbaby or moon baby! 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

PaperBird: Crafts giveaway

i have been really in to all things mermaids and space creatures lately. apparently it's a thing. they are everywhere and i love it. 

if you are friends with me on facebook, you have undoubtedly seen me mention my bff's new etsy shop, and you've likely seen me pimping out her baby mermaids, because they are certainly the cutest things ever. 

cara makes beautiful things, anyway, and when she left germany and said she was opening her own shop, i was so excited, because she is way too talented. everything she makes is expertly crafted. honestly, i don't know how she does it, between having the most adorable small people on the planet vying for her time, and taking such great care in her work. 

so, one day, we got an exciting package from her. she made me a beautiful passport holder for our cruise, and with them came the most out of this world moon babies, ever. 

tiny plush smooshy alien children.

the girls might love these alien babies more than the mermaids. which is a feat, to be sure. 

cara recently launched her shop

so we talked and decided, what better way to launch moon babies, than to give one away!? because who doesn't love free things? 

cara is going to be giving one lucky reader their very own moon baby to love on. 
here is the nitty gritty:

enter the rafflecopter below! 
the giveaway will run now through sunday, and the winner will be announced monday morning! 

that's it! how easy is that!? 

once you've entered, let me know what you think! 

Monday, June 15, 2015

it's been a long time. i shouldn'ta left you......

gosh, this space has been neglected. not for lack of wanting. i have had an urge to write for some time, and have noticed my posts on facebook and instagram have been getting longer and longer. there are a lot of things to update, but most importantly, we have less than a month left in germany. talk about bittersweet.

joel and i have been talking about where we want to live, what we want to do and most importantly, our new bucket list! the movers came a few weeks ago and as freeing as i thought that would be, it has left me entirely uninspired and in a bit of a creative funk for a couple of weeks now. white walls, blank space, ugly furniture and no materials are a recipe for blah. i have been doing an instagram series called #100happydaysDEtoDC and that has kept me focused on the happy. working out has kept me motivated to not just sit on my butt (and since i have very little to actually clean or mess with, i have plenty of time to do t25) and i started doing an IG series called #coffeecupconfessional where i draw on my dry erase mug and confess something.....yeah. it's not fully thought out. and there is one post. it's fine. creativity is a process. 

i'll keep this post short for now. it's enough to get me logged back in and making motions like i am legitimately writing! stay tuned for updates on our latest trip, atticus(!) who is growing like a weed, and keep up with us while we get the most out of germany while we still can! 

Friday, January 9, 2015

my thoughts on 3

from the moment random strangers people discovered that my 36 week pregnant belly was full of child number 3, i would brace myself to hear one thing. 

three is hard. 

while i can appreciate their warnings, they were a little ill timed, seeing as how said third would most certainly be coming out at some point. 

atticus is just 3 months old, so certainly we have a log road to go to fairly assess the difficulty of having 3 children, but i can say, with absolution, that three is....different. 

timing. timing is everything. timing can make our days go flawlessly well or catastrophically bad. and every day is different. one day, i am a master juggler, getting both babies down for naps simultaneously, cooking dinner and cleaning the whole house before 5pm, and the next day, atticus will sleep only while being held at a 45 degree angle, with only one sock and a medium weight blanket. in that regard, we haven't quite hit our stride. 

i think babies are easy. they cry, you figure out what is wrong with them. there is very little mystery. five year olds are equally as easy-they cry, you don't even worry about what is wrong with them, because everything is wrong with them, so you send them to their room for a few minutes and they come out better (undoubtedly after flinging themselves dramatically upon their bed, disney princess style). 

two year olds......two year olds are like playing russian roulette with a nerf gun filled with poop and screaming mandrake. sometimes, she is my most delightful child. sometimes, i find her hiding in a closet eating an entire bag of baby bells and i fear the next 24 hours. what was a battle of the minds with bella is a battle of....the....everything with cora. but she is also much sweeter and more snuggly than bella was at 2. and she is funny. incredibly funny. 

i won't say 3 is "hard". three is 3. we have good days and weird days, but very few bad days. and when things start getting bad, we just sit on the floor and play, or sit in the chair and snuggle. i have very low expectations on things outside of that. the house is generally kept up, but we definitely look like a too small house with 3 kids in it. 

lots of outtakes. 

there are things i thought i would be able to do with 3 that are becoming harder, since atticus has finally come out of his "fourth trimester", but i still get a bit done and make a little time for a social life. we still travel, we still eat dinner that i make, most nights. joel definitely has more of a role at home-where before, i did all of the cooking, cleaning and caring, he will often come home and start cleaning or take the kids to their room to play so i can clean or go to the gym. 

i keep thinking things will settle into a routine in a few months, until i remember that we are moving in a few months, so my expectations have become...almost non existent. but i kind of like it that way. 

if you have 3 (or more) kids, when did you start to feel normal? when did a routine take hold? and if you have grown kids, lie to me......