Friday, May 30, 2008

oh what a day.

i forgot to add that today was my birthday. yay me! but seriously, thanks everyone who called or wrote to wish me a happy birthday.

24 years. time is such a funny thing. relatively, 24 years can be a blip in time, or can feel like....your whole life.

we also just recently celebrated our 3rd anniversary on may 20. talk about time flying. marriage i think makes time paradoxical. on one hand, 3 years have flown by and and our wedding seems like it was just yesterday. on the other hand, i kinda feel like i have been married for a LONG time sometimes. not a bad long, jut a long long..... like i have never been without joel as my other half. i guess that's what it means for a man and his wife to "become one flesh". not that joel and i aren't individuals, we very much have out own independent likes, dislikes and identities, but we also are very much one flesh. while life would go on without my "other half" it would be a little broken. =)

ok enough of that mumbo jumbo....

by the way-i miss home. birthdays just don't seem the same unless you are surrounded by your family.


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