Monday, November 19, 2012

different as night and day

you always hear that second children are the exact opposite of your first.

we are only a few days into this, but i have a feeling that "they" are right.

bella came into this word with fists of fury. she was a spit fire from conception-constantly kicking and moving around in utero. i had a short 12 hour labor, after being induced, and she had no reservations complaining about the way things were going. she was demanding, impatient and what my mother likes the call "high needs". she had her own time table and we were all going to abide by it, or suffer her wrath.

she was a sweet baby, she just knew her mind and wouldn't stand for people not getting behind her.

not much has changed today. my girl is about to turn 3 and doesn't let me think for a moment that i am in charge.

cora, on the other hand, is a laid back girl. pretty much. she didn't want to come out, obviously-i was 5 days overdue and she only came out then because she was forced. she came out with a little whimper and a few grunts, while she settled down to sleep on my chest. and for the next 5 days, she slept. then woke up to eat, letting me know by grunting a bit.

there are times where i'm sure i am doing something wrong because it's too quiet and the only noise i hear is bella stomping around or yelling, "i wanna schnack!!"

i definitely feel like we got a crash course with bella. and i could be jinxing this whole thing. it's only been a week. and dare i say, it's been a little too easy......

plus also, this......

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