Monday, June 30, 2008

a fallen world

So a few things to update:

Joel has been offered a pretty cool opportunity to work in an ROTC detatchment, namely the one he was a part of at UNCC. So what this means is that he would be a teacher for 4 years at a university. A few that we have discussed are UNNCharlotee, N.C. State, UNC Chapel Hill and UK. 
We have also pretty much decided we want to try really hard to get back home for our next base. Of course it is up to the military where they want us, but we are going to put mostly places near home.

Work has been crazy lately. Just recently I almost walked out. I was so frustrated because my boss didn't back me up when I kicked 2 boys out of the pool. The situation was a little more intense but that is sumation of the problem. Anyway, I had the hardest time reconciling my anger yesterday, and pretty much remained that way all day. I have never worked anywhere or been in any time of situation or environment as frustrating as my job right now. If I didn't just love what I do I would have quit a long time ago. I love my actual job, it is so rewarding and fun. But my boss and a few of my co-workers are just out of hand with control issues and it makes me miserable-so much so that I can't relax when I'm home. This leads me to my next thought-

Hawaii has a lot of catching up to do with the rest of the world! This is such a backwards place sometimes. I really feel like I am living in a time remniscant of the 30's in the south. People are racist and violent. And if they don't like you at work they make your life a living you know what. It is insane. If I hear about another "haole" who is beat up or killed by a local person I swear I will just scream. It is very sad to beleive that there is such ugliness in such a beautiful place. We truly live in a fallen world. I know that even though I am miserable right now, God has a plan for all of this. I have learned how to stand up for myself quite a bit when it comes to my job, I just wish my lesson hadn't had to come so rudely. 

ANYWAY. Read a good book, or am reading a good book to be correct. Merle's Door. Wonderful. Funny. Make's me look at my dog in a whole different way. Dog lover should read it, even dog haters should read it because it will make them understand dog's a little more. I think I might start doing book reviews on my little blog here....look for a full version of the Merle's door review soon. =)


Shirley said...

Justine, I love reading your blog thoughts and seeing recent pictures of you and Joel. Keep it up and I will be praying for your job problems. I love yuou, Mamawvhjsgd

Adrienne said...

Cousin! I love you! Don't give up! I know what it is like to hate your "job" and want to quit! Be strong and remember who you belong to. This experience is making you stronger and will prepare you for something else in the future! I miss you and I can't wait for you to come back to the mainland!
I love you!
p.s. what did mamaw mean when she put mamawhjsgd?? haha

Kevin said...

quit your live in paradise for crying out loud...;}

kps said...

Do you know what 'Haole' means? It means without breathe.

Do you know why we, as Christians are called that?

Adrienne said...

Actually it doesn't mean without breathe. It is a racially derogatory term. At least that is what Wikapedia says.