Thursday, February 27, 2014

the secret is out.....


i have been not blogging, even though i have wanted to, for weeks now, because i am really not that good at keeping secrets. i guess i kind of am, but not my own secrets. 

so, here goes.

we're pregnant! 

strangely, and i am not sure if it's a germany thing or a my dr. thing, i do not have an official due date. according to everything i have ever known about fertility and calculating due dates (which is surprisingly more than i probably should), i am due on the 10th of september. however, my doctor has given me dates a week to either side. so...i don't really know what to do with that. 

based on science that isn't my doctors, i am approximately 12 weeks along. or 13. or maybe 10. but i am going with 12 because i know. 

admittedly, this one has been easy so far. no morning sickness, only a little bit of food aversions, and mostly a desire to eat very salty foods. completely different from the last two. take from that what you will. 

without further ado, the announcement pictures we took.

so far so good. we had our second ultrasound today, saw and heard the heartbeat and the little nubs that will become arms and legs soon. everything is healthy and going smoothly and bella is ready for another sibling. 

bella: mommy, i want to name the baby. i think we should call him....let's make him a he, ok?? i want him to be named superman bubbles.

so. maybe. 

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