Monday, June 15, 2015

it's been a long time. i shouldn'ta left you......

gosh, this space has been neglected. not for lack of wanting. i have had an urge to write for some time, and have noticed my posts on facebook and instagram have been getting longer and longer. there are a lot of things to update, but most importantly, we have less than a month left in germany. talk about bittersweet.

joel and i have been talking about where we want to live, what we want to do and most importantly, our new bucket list! the movers came a few weeks ago and as freeing as i thought that would be, it has left me entirely uninspired and in a bit of a creative funk for a couple of weeks now. white walls, blank space, ugly furniture and no materials are a recipe for blah. i have been doing an instagram series called #100happydaysDEtoDC and that has kept me focused on the happy. working out has kept me motivated to not just sit on my butt (and since i have very little to actually clean or mess with, i have plenty of time to do t25) and i started doing an IG series called #coffeecupconfessional where i draw on my dry erase mug and confess something.....yeah. it's not fully thought out. and there is one post. it's fine. creativity is a process. 

i'll keep this post short for now. it's enough to get me logged back in and making motions like i am legitimately writing! stay tuned for updates on our latest trip, atticus(!) who is growing like a weed, and keep up with us while we get the most out of germany while we still can! 

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