Thursday, November 6, 2008

The results are in......

And we have made history! If there's one thing that I have learned from this election season, it's that politics is a hard game. I have been doing research and I have tried to be the most educated voter I can be. I really enjoyed being a part of this democratic process. But the election has also been an eye opening experience for me. It has really taught me not to rest on my laurels; put my faith in Christ but also know that God did not create the Republican party. While I do believe that my (faith based) values align mostly with the Republican party, my (real life) ideals are on the fence. I have been thinking about what really matters to me and here are the facts:

1-I don't want anyone taking away any of my freedoms. Or my pursuit of happiness. Who determines my what makes me happy? The gov't? NO! I'm pretty sure that would be terrible! My happiness comes from my freedom to worship, my freedom to love and be loved, my dog, expression, my rights to work and be outspoken and wear a bikini and short shorts and tank tops, to sing loudly and dance around my house. Imagine if the Gov't said that I had to dress more conservitavely, that I wasn't able to marry my husband, or that I should only speak when spoken to. We all know I wouldn't last a moment in that type of society. So that being said, why do we have the right to deny anyone else their freedom? Now, there are things I would never do, like buy a gas guzzling, air polluting Escalade. But if my sister wants to buy one, then good for her! I will tell her why I wouldn't-pollution, gas prices, cost of the darn thing-but I can't expect her to share my ideas. The same rings true in life choices. Like everyone keeps pointing out, 30 years ago the idea of a black man as President would send people over the edge in hysterics. BUt the reality is, today that doesn't seem impossible......duh! it just happened! Does that mean we have evolved? Maybe, but why should that be crazy in the first place?! Or a woman being President? Same thing. This year we had the possibility of both. NOw if you still believe that a black man and a woman shouldn't be President, think about this-what is the difference between a white man and a black man? Color right? What does that have to do with ones ability ANYTHING?! Women may be a harder sell for some, but why? Women are natural providers, nurturers, problem solvers, thinkers, doers and have an insane ability to multi-task. That's 6 things more than I could say about most men! I am NOT a man hater.....I love men. =) And I repect them. But I also know the reality that if you descriminate on the basis of race or gender, you are still descriminating.

2-People need to learn to think for themselves. I have had conversations with so many people and the things they are so repetitive. And when they give their reasons for who they voted for, it's never "I like this candidates policy on this", or "This candidate has a good record of that". It's "McCain is old and Palin is not fit/a woman/silly/too hot/Tina Fey/insert whatever here. " or "Obama is a terrorist and who is Joe Biden?" Seriously people! I have gotten so many fwd'ed e-mails that go on and on about how Obama is the anti-Christ and that this is the sign of the end of days. (Personally, if that's true-bring it on! I know where I am going!) But do we really believe this propaganda? It is fear based tactics to make people discriminate, to set us back HUNDREDS of years. Why don't we have a good old fashioned witch trial, or a lynching while we're at it! I may not be the most informed person to cast a ballot, but I did my homework. Before I voted, I read up on each candidate, did the whole pro's and con's list, and made an informed decision. I know where each candidate stands on the issues that matter the most to me, and am somewhat familliar with their track record. I am not spouting out meaningless reasons anymore. Instead, I am blogging about people who do ; )

3-Apathy is a sad thing. Even with the huge voter turnout and the long waits, I saw a statistic today that said in the 1952 election the participation of registered voters was in the 90% range, and in yesterdays election, even with the increase from last year, it was only in the 60's. I can't believe that. And so many people complain about the turn-outs and the state of the world. VOTE THEN!!! Really.

Anyway, those are 3 life lessons, and now I will step down from my soap box, for now at least.

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Anonymous said...

OH Justine!!!!

You (finally) understand that acknowledging women's abilities (aka feminism)does NOT mean being a man-hater. (A term, by the way, coined by men to keep us in our place!!!)

You have become more Christian than you ever were with your acceptance of things. Now, if only the fundamentalist right were more Christians!

Apathy has hit our nation hard over the past decade or two, but that is where 'they' want us. I believe that it was your generation that put Obama in the White House. The rest of the older generations are still too old school, in focusing in on color; therefore, trying to pin negative terms on him, such as muslim, anti-christ.....much like being a man-hater.

You should REALLY submit that blog to a newspaper/magazine for print.