Wednesday, July 9, 2014

not so annoying kid music

we love music in this family. many days, you can find us with the record payer on having a crazy dance party around the living room (yes, we have a record player. and lots of records. some new and some that we have acquired from the flohmarkt downtown. it's all very cool. trust me.)

when we started having dreams of a family, i swore we would neverevereverever listen to annoying kid music. because, no. you know what i am talking about, those songs that you can't get out of your head and you just want to rip your hair out or punch a speaker. yes, children's songs that invoke violence. we don't play that game around here. 

when we had bella, we listened to a lot of jack johnson. because it makes me want to be sleeping in a hammock and so how can a baby NOT feel at peace to that. and that was awesome, and the girls still love jack, but it makes me homesick, if you can be homesick for a place you only lived for a few years. 

then bella turned to that age where they love the most annoying things ever (think caillou, barney and {dun dun dun} yo, gabba gabba!) and i just desperately needed to divert her attention. 

for the car, we got the jewel cd, "the merry goes 'round" and believe me when i say, we got to know that cd very well. especially the number one track, "sammy the spider". the songs appealed to the kids, but without the repetition that most kids songs have. having a legitimate artist singing the songs is much more pleasant to listen to, as well. 

another favorite was the soundtrack to curious george. we do love jack.

as bella got older, she started learning the words to the songs, and that was when the radio started to die, especially when we moved here, the land of the non-radio edit! joel went looking for some kids music for a road trip and he stumbled across laurie berkner band. specifically, the music video to the song "party day". he loaded several of her music videos on bella's nabi tablet and by the end of our trip, she had memorized all of the lyrics and sang them constantly. 

if you have small kids, and they love to dance and sing, and you have amazon, you mustmustmust get amazon streaming. laurie berkner has an episode that is free that is a bunch of music videos and the girls love to have a dance party to it. 

we like to have music for the car, because i would rather hear singing than screaming when we are all strapped in. our latest gold gem was a CD and book combo by sandra boynton, called "frog trouble". this one is definitely my new favorite, and the girls love it as well. which, you know, is kind of the point......

each track is sung by a hit recording country artist, from alison krauss, ben folds, dwight yokam and josh turner, and even hootie himself, darius rucker. the only thing "kid like" are the lyrics, but the sound is very much professional and some of the songs are actually pretty beautiful (hello, anything alison krauss does is just gorgeous, in my opinion). they even have videos for many of their songs, which are a hit in this house. 

sandra boynton books are a favorite around here, and this book/CD combo is no different. the lyrics are fun and entertaining, and the pictures in the book are down right cute! 

none of the links i provided are affiliate links, and i haven't been compensated in any way for my opinions. i just figured, if you have kids, you probably like listening to music that doesn't make you crazy. 

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