Wednesday, July 9, 2014

toddler talk

cora is in full on talky-talk mode. i had forgotten how much fun toddler talk is. especially since 4 year old talk is not really all that fun. there's lot's of sass and backtalk that my former pre-kids, know everything self swore would "not happen on my watch!". uh huh.....

give me a moment while i find some crow.

back to the cute toddler. 

she has the cutest short hand and the way she pronounces things is hysterical. she has all those basic "mommy", "daddy", "dog" words down pretty clearly, but there are other things she says that actually give me pause. 

while i was eating my bagel the other morning, she kept yelling, "mah goodburger!!! mah goodburger!! peese mommy! goodburger!!" 

i had a momentary flashback to the late 90's nickelodeon show, and then realized she was asking for a bagel. it beats me how "goodburger" is easier to say than bagel, but i like it. 

some of her favorite phrases are: 

"help me, mommy! peeese!" 

"here you go, mommy!" 

"more. MORE!"

"i want goberry!" (strawberries)

"follow me guys!" 

"go, sissy!" whenever bella is doing something

"where daddy go? daddy wok?" wok=work

"duke! bad boy!" 

"i broke" whenever she goes poop. i don't know......

and my favorite is at bathtime. i ask "who want's a bubble bath!?" and she says, "MEEE!!!" then runs down the hall yelling, "bubbabath!!! bubbabath!!!!!!" 

the notion that i am having conversations with her is just crazy, because i still think of her as a tiny baby. not an almost 20 month old toddler! this girl is full of spunk. notice all those exclamation points? that was not by mistake. cora screams everything. 

for a second, i thought maybe she was hard of hearing. so we ran a test. 

while she played, joel said, "cora.........cora!" nothing. so he whispered "cookie" and she shot up so quick, i thought maybe she had been bitten by something. so clearly, she can hear. she is just exuberant and selective with her hearing.....

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