Monday, November 12, 2012


delirious about sums up the last 24 hours.

right up until about 10 pm last night, i was pretty comfortable, having normal contractions, but making little progress. around 11, i was hooked up to the CTG (fetal heart monitor/contraction reader thingy) for 30 minutes, when things started to get a little....intense.

i had a series of contractions that wouldn't quit coming-as in, never stopped. as in, ow.

i was sure she was coming. it had been 12 hours. it was some serious pain. quick contractions.

i was checked.

no progress.

i started to cry.

i could not have been more frustrated. no progress in 12 hours was quite possibly the worst thing i could hear. that means all this pain for nothing.

so at midnight, they gave me several pills-1 to ease the pain, 1 to stop the "annoying" contractions, as the midwife called it, and one to allow the good contractions. sounds like my kind of cocktail.

i walked up to my room and went to sleep. at 2 i started waking up every few minutes with painful contractions. in between each one, i would fall deep asleep, and 2 minutes later i would wake up and have to jump out of bed.

around 4, i figured it all had to mean something, so i put on my fuzzy slippers and made my way downstairs, stopping every 10 feet or so, and biting my lip so i didn't scream.

again, i was hooked to the machine. again i was checked. and again, nothing.

so i limped back upstairs, crying the whole way, more out of frustration than anything.

i spent the next hour sitting in the hot shower. around 5 i tried to get back in bed, and rest.

finally, at 7:30, the doctor came up, right in the middle of a series of contractions, said it seemed we were progressing and brought up a midwife to take me down stairs. in the 5 minutes it took to get down, i probably had 3 contractions.

one more time, she checked me. and one more time, no progress. (by no progress, i mean we are still at 2 cm. where i was when i came in, at 8:30 the morning before).

i figured it was going to be a long day full of pain. i asked for the epidural. she said i needed to progress first.

at this point, i have to say, when i was induced with bella, i made it to almost 5 or 6 cm with no pain at all, got my epidural and relaxed until she came, when i simply pushed her out. i mean it was literally that easy. and blissful. and calm.

around 8:30, it got real bad-i was in a delivery room, hooked up to the monitor and could see the contractions. they were so painful that i couldn't see straight. but i could see the number going up higher and higher, coordinating with the pain. just when i thought i might pass out, my water broke.

here's where things get crazy. right before 8:30, i was at a 2.

cora arrived at 9:30, after 2 pushes.

i can not make this up.

needless to say, my throat feels like someone punched me in it from all the screaming.

i didn't get an ounce of pain meds, and it came so fast i didn't even have time to breathe much, let alone call joel back from the house where he was picking up bella. so he arrived at 9:50, just in time to meet his new girl.

bella is VERY excited. she keeps telling us, "thank you for my new baby sister!!!" while she jumps up and down, and demands that we put her in the bassinet so she can see her. she can't stop touching her and get's this crazy look on her face, like she just got the best gift in the whole world.

it's pretty much awesome.

cora weighed in around 8 1/2 lbs, 22 inches. ji don't have exact numbers because they were "loosely converted" from kg and cm. i will have to do some actual conversions later.

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