Sunday, November 4, 2012

false alarrm

last night, i was sure i was having this girl.

let's start from the beginning. on thursday, i started having some pretty painful contractions. they were irregular, occurring anywhere between 18-25 minutes. they were uncomfortable and a little painful. friday brought closer contractions, but still erratic.

saturday morning, we woke up bright and early-bella got us up at 5:30 am. so around 10 we decided we would not waste the day and we took a trip on the train downtown to do a little wandering in the shopping area at the hauptbahnhoff  (main train station) with a friend of ours. we spent nearly 6 hours walking around.

on a side note, i had a really yummy brat and some starbucks! good times.

we hopped back on the train and when we reached our stop, we got off and started walking home. only, the 3 blocks it took to get home took us a lot longer than expected.

i kept having to stop because my contractions were coming fast. about every 8 minutes. and they were pretty potent.

by around 7, they had gotten more intense and were 5 minutes apart. i started writing them down around 9 and at 11, we made the decision that it was time and headed in.

we dropped bella off at her friends house ( another side note-i opened her suitcase and put in on her bed to put in some clothes, left the room for a minute, and when i came back, she had packed all her trains, cars and pieces to her cake set, and was singing, "i'm going to dominic's, i feel so happy!"), and headed to the hospital, a good 5 minute drive. on the way, i had 2 contractions.

long story short, i got in and was checked out.

 and had made absolutely no progress.

i wanted to cry.

i was so sure this was it. it wasn't so much that i was sad i wasn't in labor. it was more the foolish feeling of not really knowing what's going on in my body.

i am assuming that all the walking around put me into false labor-i had real contractions and real pain but no real progress. it's like the perfect storm of disappointment.

so here i am, no closer to having had this kid, and have spent the morning being abused by an over tired toddler.

someone hold me.

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