Wednesday, November 7, 2012

DIY subway art

yesterday was my 40 week appointment. this is not a post about how it turned into a smooth and easy delivery. no one is more sorry about that than i am.

no progress is the official report. not a bit. apparently, i have such an inviting womb, that my children do not want to vacate. that, or little cora has heard the madness around here lately and is smarter than all of us. 

either way, i am a grumpy goose around these parts. and apparently prone to unreasonable outbursts of tears. this morning, bella knocked over my water and i broke down crying. that could be the frustration of telling her 15 times to watch where she is going after i pick up in her wake of destruction, or it could be that i might have gotten 2 hours of sleep last night, between her sleep-screaming and my up-and-down all night to pee. she is battling a nasty cough, so this is not a new phase we are entering. at least, i hope not. 

warnings have been issued to anyone who could get caught in my line of fire, and this is now a "say something stupid at your own risk" zone.

apparently, america and my facebook feed did NOT get my memo. 

anyway, since this baby is not coming out any time soon, it seems, i decided it's time to do some more art work. i have several empty frames hanging up in girlfriends room and that just won't do. 

i knew one of them was going to contain some subway art with her birth stats in it, and i was going to make it. i don't know how to make subway art. and while i am not the most computer savvy, i am pretty good at figuring things out. so i set out to work some magic in picmonkey. i knew it could be done, so i tried. and i tried. and i tried. 

then i gave up and did a search. "diy subway art tutorial". 

i found a lot of tutes for picnik, which is annoying since they closed down back in april. and right when i was about to give up, i stumbled across one for picmonkey! thank you persistence. 

here is the tutorial. it's a little lengthy, as in, there is a lot of information you can skip over if you aren't 4. but i'm not rewriting it. i had some idea of what i wanted, so i made bella her lunch, duck taped her to the floor sat her down at the table, and got to work. 

here is the finished product: 

seeing as how she isn't actually here yet, i borrowed some "birth information" from bella, and made up the date (although, that is a perfectly good date to come, little miss). i'm pretty happy with it. 

now, i am going to sit in the corner and eat some pigs in a blanket while i rock back and forth. yep. it's getting bad over here. 

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