Friday, April 30, 2010

bella makes a friend. 5 years ago.

bella has made a friend. technically, she had no choice. this was an arranged friendship, 5 years in the making. it all started when we moved to hawaii. this is where joel and i met "our couple". our husbands were work husbands, and at first, we bonded over how silly they were.
when they had their first baby, we celebrated with them. we loved that little girl, like she was our own. i may have even threatened to steal her a time or two. we were "jushy and jo, and where's duke?".

joel and i started talking about having kids ourselves around that time. a few months later, no luck. but my friend announced that they were expecting number two! we were so excited for them, naturally, and when their second little girl came along, we couldn't be prouder! they had become our family; living 4,000 miles from home will allow you to get closer to people than you could ever imagine.

when we started infertility treatments, she was right there beside me, encouraging and praying for me. her kids helped get me through times where i doubted that i even wanted to be a mommy anymore. they taught me that it would be totally worth it when it finally happened.

when she came to me, saying she was pregnant for the third time, she prefaced it with "please don't be mad at me!" WHY on earth would i be mad at her!? we were the closest of friends, and i LOVED her children. i thought of her as an amazing mother who completely deserved to have plenty of children, because she would raise them right-to be productive human beings who were beautiful and respectful, and everything i would hoped my children would be.

and i was pregnant too.

even though our plan was to not tell a soul for another 2 weeks, i was so excited that we would be pregnant at the same time, i turned to her, and could almost not contain myself. i'm not sure either of us could have been more exited for each other. until we found out we were due on the same day!

skip ahead almost a full year. we have since both moved away from hawaii. us to georgia, and them to colorado springs. right now though, we are sitting in a hotel in atlanta, with our babies, who were born two days apart. who are the same size. and are the best of friends.
bella is pretty excited about it. natalia......she's warming up to it. =)


Leah Molyneaux said...

Sweet story! I didn't know you guys went under fertility treatments. What a precious gift Miss Bella is! Not that she wasn't from the know what I mean :)

Justine Nelson said...

thanks! i do know what you mean. we tried for quite a while to have her, and did a few rounds of clomid before we got lucky =)

gapeachpassion said...

Awww...I almost cried when I read this. I miss you guys already! - Bonita

BONNY said...
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BONNY said...

Justine, Bonita obviously gets her sensitive side from me because reading this made me tear up. Being in the military definitely creates lifelong friendships (or what some may consider extended family) Me and Vernon consider you and Joel our other children so I guess that makes Bella and Duke our grandchildren. (poor Duke, he is the only male grandchild)
Remember we are just right down the road (I-16). Take care and love you. Bonny