Sunday, April 25, 2010

i've never been a cheese ball. but babies change all that i guess.

my child is a ham. i guess she gets it honestly. but seriously, she poses every. single. time. the camera comes out. this is a new thing. but she thinks it is absolutely hilarious. probably because mommy is rolling on the floor laughing, almost peeing her pants. this is from our most recent photo op......

more in bella news-she started scooting recently. like, moving several inches at a time. it's exciting and scary at the same time! i know the next step is crawling. i feel like she is too little to be doing half the stuff she is doing!! i want her to slow down!! but at the same time, i am so proud of her. i find myself waking up, so tired, like, angry tired. then hearing her "talking" and giggling, and seeing her little face, i just can't help but smile.

some days, i am overwhelmed by the fact that my time is no longer my own. i literally can't do anything on a whim, not by myself anyway. and sometimes that drives me crazy. some days, i can't even remember what that was like. spontaneity? what's that? i haven't even gotten a good workout-not once-because every time i drop her at the child watch there, she cries, nay, SOBS, until i come back and pick her up. in the nursery at church, she is an angel. at the gym? she becomes possessed by little baby demons. i mean, i guess if you are going to be good, you may as well be good at church right? guess i'm going to have to have that "God is everywhere" talk sooner than i thought...........

but she really is my pride and joy. even in moments where i get so frustrated because i am covered in spit up, i walked into the hitch on the back of the car, the dog is whining, the baby is crying, it's hot and i lost joel (yes, all that happened today. at once.), i still look at her and think, "can life get any better than this?" i know, retch to the side now....... but, I LOVE IT!

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