Friday, April 23, 2010

growing up, it happens every day

"Growing up its something you can measure
Growing up, it happens every day
being young is something you can treasure
but life is good when you're growing up"

bella is growing up WAY too fast. and that personality of hers is as big as it can be. a few days ago she started scooting/crawling. it almost looks like she is swimming when she does it, which is hilarious. she ends up with her arms straight by her sides and her feet pushing her butt up into the air.

i get so much joy from just watching her play and grow every day. there are moments where i do wish she was a little older or a little younger (like 20 minutes into my workout when she starts screaming. or when her face is covered in snot and slobber and she is crying and chewing on my finger because her little gums hurt so bad), but most days, i try to enjoy the very moment we are in. like this moment. she is napping. finally. and i have enjoyed lunch, rearranged my bedroom, edited some pictures, and am now sitting here blogging. this is the precious "me" time that makes "us" time SO perfect.

on a "me" note, i think i am going to try my hand at crafting pictures for etsy. hoping i have the inspiration to make pictures that aren't for bella. i'll post pics later. also hoping i break even so i don't feel like i wasted a bunch of money. =)

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