Monday, April 19, 2010

something about home.

i don't know how serious bloggers do it. i have no aspirations of making this a legitimate thing, but i follow some blogs that are obviously well thought out and executed. they are mostly mothers whose babies are the same age as mine, and most of them work as well. i stay at home and can barely find time to go to the bathroom, let alone sit down and construct a rough draft AND an edited version of my thoughts for all the world to see (which at the present moment would consist of......rachel. one strong! i am not ashamed by that, thanks for reading friend). they are witty, thoughtful, insightful and honest. i am finding a hard time getting out one coherent thing across.

so, please forgive my scattered brain.

this past weekend we went home for a few days. one of joel's good friends and former roommate from college was getting married. we had to miss several weddings while we were away, so we wanted to make sure we got to this one, especially since joel got back from haiti sooner than expected. we stayed with family and had a really wonderful time. friday, we took full advantage of the sun and spent the day outside, at the lake. bella got to don her new bikini and matching hat, though it was just a little to cold to get her new swim diaper out.

saturday, we spent the morning with the nelson family, and headed out to indian trail to hit some yard sales! i'm starting to get in to it, but still the only thing i ever get is baby stuff. we actually got some pretty good finds, and had fun getting the little cousins together afterwards. saturday night, we dropped the baby off at my grandma's and headed out for the wedding. we realized this is the first wedding we have attended where one or both of us weren't IN the wedding party.

had one too many? no, just caught off guard.

much better.

and, the boys finally reunited. sadly, no krispy kreme donuts made it to the party

finally, sunday we got up and headed home, but not before making a loop around our old stomping grounds. we had heard the campus has changed, but i hardly recognized the place!! glad those alumnus funds are going to some good work!

today, it was a little hard to wake up this morning, but it was totally worth it.

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