Thursday, October 7, 2010

bella wants to be a model

i am not above pimping out my blog to get my baby votes. not. one. bit.

i need your help. bella has been entered into a baby modelling contest at a boutique in town. PLEASE help her win by voting for her!

How to Vote
First, you need to “Like” the Facebook fan pages of Butterfly Kisses, Lindley’s Photography and Alicia McDonald Photography.
Then, beginning October 7th, click on the “Photos” tab on each fan page to find the Butterfly Kisses Model Search gallery. Find the photo you want to vote for, and click the “Like” button under that picture. That’s it!
You can vote THREE TIMES for each picture – once on the Butterfly Kisses fan page, once on Lindley’s Photography fan page, and once on Alicia McDonald Photography’s fan page.

(bella is #42 in each album, or you can click the links above to go directly to her picture!)
The photos with the most “Likes” (combined total of all three fan pages) by the end of the contest will be our finalists!

that's it! now go vote people!! bvella wants to be a model so bad she is throwing a fit! 
seriously......i gotta go. 

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