Friday, October 22, 2010

thanksful on a thursday

i've realized that i am incapable of typing "thank" without an s at the end. so thank you becomes thanks you and thankful turns out like thanksful. and it's all just a little awkward.

so, without further ado.......

i am thanksful, on a thursday, for

1. being blessed with friends who are strong and giving of their time and resources. with the help of my friend and her sons, we have been able to move (almost) my entire apartment in one day.

2. family members who love me and make long trips to see me, just to watch my baby all day so i can move. with the help of aforementioned friends.

3. peppermint swiss cake rolls. seriously, how could the maker of my favorite childhood frozen treat know me any better!? what, you didn't freeze your swiss cake rolls?

4. when the things i forgot to pack at my almost empty apartment (that i am spending the night in), just happen to be the very things i need at 9pm, when my baby is fast asleep.

5. my husband being in the military in the 21st century. so that when he is a world away, i still get to talk to him every day. i can't imagine what it was like to only be able to correspond through letters.

6. since both of our tv's are already in the new house. where there is no power.

7. belly laughs. about bodily functions. and calling people bad names on accident. yeah, guess you had to be there.

8. that my baby is soundly sleeping, in her pack 'n play, no less.

9. the pumpkin spice latte that jump started my morning today. does my world revolve around food? yes. don't judge.

10. this queen sized, double stacked air mattress that self inflates, that i am laying on right now. because without it, i would be on the floor.

good night!


Kristy said...

I can't type psych without typing psycho. Every time. I am a psych, so I will email about psych meetings, and accidentally have psycho meetings. Ha!

Anonymous said...

I just saw your comment on my blog. That is so hilarious that you knew what bee that was and that the antenna balls were cut off. Too funny!