Tuesday, October 5, 2010


my kid likes dirt. 

and leaves.

and being outside. 

my baby likes camping, and being outdoors, and campfires, and dogs. big, stinky, dogs. 

we took her on her THIRD camping trip last weekend and she LOVED it. she is pretty freaking awesome. 

{sitting with daddy, by the campfire. joel didn't get the memo, apparently, that it was cold out.} 

{let me walk daddy! i need to get that dirt!}

{camping is hard work}

i don't even know who this kid IS anymore........


Kristy said...

That is great! The first time we took our son camping, it did not go too well. No one got any sleep. The second time (can't believe I was up for trying it again!), it went wonderfully! Yay! It is a fun thing to do with the family. thanks for stopping by my site! Think I will follow you!

Hi, I'm Natalie. said...

Too cute! (That last photo is amazing! =)

My daughter is a big fan of hangin' out in the bush, too. =)