Thursday, February 10, 2011

an {extra}ordinary day

i hear you calling.
the lights getting more intense.
you are wide awake.

we stay in jammies,
snuggled up with our waffles,
cold knocking outside.

mickey and manny, 
names i never thought i'd know,
not like this anyway. 

target becomes respite
from the mundane everyday,
daddy is not pleased.

playgroups, mommy friends,
going on adventures, too.
this is my new life.

fun is my new life.
i take this seriously.
you're only small now.

for a short, short, while.
i eat it up completely.
taking you all in.

just before your nap,
daddy makes it home for lunch.
his arms wide open.

your bright eyes light up,
like you have missed him so much,
like you are surprised.

we eat, play, us three
happy little family.
it can't get better.

it will get better.
as you grow, i watch in awe.
each milestone, great.

tomorrow is new.
and it goes by so quickly.
i try to freeze time.

each day quickly past.
my baby will soon grow up.
but today? i love.

this lovely haiku brought to you by 

 Mama's Losin' It

where i generated a random prompt and was asked to:

write a haiku describing what you love about an ordinary day. 

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