Monday, February 21, 2011

spring has sprung....for now

this weekend has been fantabulous. upper 70's and sunny all 3 days. saturday we got up early and drove out to savannah to spend the afternoon with our good friends at tybee island and walking around downtown. sunday, we spent most of the day at the dog park with some other good friends and our combined 4 fur babies. and today, we spent all morning at the park and all afternoon in our back yard. 

i love this weather. it reminds me of hawaii and the temperate climate. the first thing i said the day we landed in hawaii was, "i hope i never take this weather for granted". i missed the snow and the change of the seasons, but i loved how it was always hovering right around that blissful warmth. 

being from north carolina, i know this weather won't last long. honestly, next week it could snow 2 feet and i would not be a bit surprised. and then after that? it will be 98 with 100% humidity. but for now, i am enjoying the beautiful, early spring and all the fun that comes along with it. 


i got some great pics of bella on her slide, and i am entering the "don't make me come up there" giveaway at we are that family


don't forget about the rompers and ruffles giveaway! ends feb 27th! if you haven't entered already, get on it!! 

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YaYa said...

that picture is too precious. love her expressions. she is the most beautiful baby in the whole world.