Saturday, February 5, 2011

my, my how the time does fly

a year ago, joel was in haiti. i can't believe it's been that long. but one year ago, this week, he left for a support mission to haiti, leaving his just 7 weeks old baby, to go save other babies and mommies and daddies. 

i went to stay with my family for help and support (and if we are being honest, so i would have someone to talk to). it made the time fly by. and it was a fun bonding time for me and bella. i remember those days so fondly. i didn't have a moment of panic or breakdown until bella was almost 10 months old (at which point she embarked on a "drive mommy mad" campaign. those were dark days). we would snuggle together in the bed, and early each morning she would wake up, cooing and smiling at me. i missed her daddy like you can't imagine. i missed that he wasn't getting to see this. that he wasn't getting to experience this. 

we took bella and her cousin taylor, who was about 9 months old then, to get their pictures made. we didn't get many good shots, and i hate studio places. especially chain studio places. but we went to one because it was last minute and it was cold outside and we just wanted to get their pictures made.  

these may have been the best shots from the group. i didn't like our photographer. i wasn't happy with these pictures or the way they were posed. i didn't like these pictures (can you tell??). 

but i am glad we had them done. it preserved a moment. that's what pictures are for anyway, right? and when i look at them, part of me scoffs at the experience, but part of me remembers very clearly that day-it was rainy and cold and early. and i remember that week. and i remember my tiny little bella. 

one year later. we went home a couple of weeks ago to have our delayed christmas. we decided to get the girls pics made again. this time, i found out that a friend of mine in the area was a photographer (actually, several of them are, and they are amazing, and it was hard to pick one!) and so i asked her to take the girls pictures this time. 

the cd came in the mail today and i was so excited, i tore the package open and stuck it right in my computer. 

amazing, no???? my, how our little girls have grown. 

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