Friday, February 25, 2011

i wish i had a good excuse..

i can't believe it has been almost an entire week since i have posted. i feel like i should have some amazing excuse, like i was in some remote tropical location that doesn't get 3g coverage or even cell phone service (hello, hawaii, right below my house....)

but i don't. pretty much i have done very little this week to warrant an excuse. except that it has been in the 70's almost every single day. and sunny. and perfect. so we have been outside getting our LIFE on.

last year, at this time, bella was so tiny, that i probably didn't go outside much, for fear that if i lay her down she may roll away and i would never even notice. but this year? the girl is on fire! she loves the outdoors. she runs, she falls, she rolls. i ask her, "bella, you want to go outside?" and she goes, "yep!" and runs to the door. as soon as she gets out of bed in the morning, she is chomping at the bit.

a couple of nights ago, we reserved our camping spot for our first camping trip of this year! last year, we went camping with her at the ripe old age of 5 months, and then again a month later. then we took her one more time, for good measure, right after she learned how to walk. with joels deployments to haiti and jordan, that was about all we could fit in during the warm months. this year, bella is in full blown small person mode-she can walk, run, stand up, sit down and practically swim, so i am a little nervous about taking her. the last time we went, she could just barely walk, but she was so slow, that she was pretty easy to catch when she did try to run off. she didn't really walk much, either, so i could sit her down and know that, 5 minutes later, she would probably still be there.

this year? i fear that if i look away for 1 second, she may be in the water. so in preparation, we decided to get her, her very own life jacket.

i'll sit right here, mom. now, where's the water?

i'm outta here. 

we're pretty excited about trying this bad boy out. can't you tell??


if you haven't entered yet, rompers and ruffles is giving away a cute onesie or t-shirt with the applique of your choice on it. if i could enter my own giveaway, i so would. but since i can't, YOU SHOULD!! bella will be getting her goodies any day now, and my heart is all a flutter with anticipation! giveaway ends feb 27th, at noon!! so get on it!


torie@Life With Rylie said...

Rylie loves to be outside too! It definitely will be a different summer with toddlers this year :)

Justine said...

for sure. but i am thinking different for the better, if not more stressful. =)

Taylor Wise said...

I feel ya! Parker hangs on the sliding glass door handle, banging on the door the second he has to come back inside. Like our house, covered in toys is such torture!

Lovin' the life jacket! We have 2 for Parker on my parent's boat. We have the infant one (but he can't sit in it and hates it... weird) and a swim life jacket. We actually let him wear that one (he totally doesn't mind it) and then if a cop drives by, I switch them really quickly LOL. Looks like Bella didn't mind it! I think Daniel and Parker will have to do a boy's camping night this year. Mommy has an excuse to skip it.. AVERY!

Kristy said...

We took our boy out last year in our little fishing boat and he loved it! Have fun!