Tuesday, October 23, 2012

almost there and some nursery pics

17 days left.

the reality of that is a little bit like a smack in the head.

when people ask if we are ready, my answer is two-fold. am i ready with all the things-yes. i was ready 3 years ago when i bought it all the first time around. we have made maybe 3 purchases for this baby-typical second baby routine, i guess. and am i ready to be not huge and uncomfortable and running into things? absolutely yes.

if you've seen "what to expect when you're expecting", you have met me. i am the blond character, played by elizabeth banks. you know, effie trinket....no wait....

every uncomfortable, inconvenient side effect of pregnancy that exists, happens to me. i especially identify with that part in the movie where she is speaking to the group of women at the expo, and she says to her husband, "gar-bear, i'm sorry, all i want to do is punch you in the face....."

i so get that. don't get it twisted. i love mah man. he is an awesome father, a great provider, and a pretty rocking computer nerd, which means, i always have awesome technology things going on that i don't have to think about, and let's be honest-i don't do computer thinky things very well.

but i have that hormonal ragey thing down pat. it's pretty irrational. and i hate to admit it. i usually have pretty good control over my emotions. i am not a big crier, or a big screamer. i rarely lose my temper with people, even my tiny terrorist of a child. and i generally would say i am a "glass is half full", kind a gal. or at the very least, i'm a "the glass is there, regardless of it's fullness or emptiness" kind a gal.

but something about pregnancy makes me lose my stuff a bit.

but i digress.

the second part of "am i ready", the part about having two girls, two daughters? nope. i am not ready for that. not in the slightest.

i don't get girls too much. they kind of scare me a little bit. and to have two, well, i am a little afraid for my sanity. whenever bella plays with other little girls, there is lots of screaming and fighting and pouting happening. that being my reality? does not excite me.

i know, toddlers scream regardless of gender, but girls screams are just so....high pitched.....and constant. oh, and the severity of their drama. please. someone hold me.

i am really holding tight to the dream that "your kids will be polar opposites" and praying that we go the opposite way, as in LESS dramatic, and not more so.

all that said, i am really excited for cora to arrive. i love snuggly little newborns, and i cant wait to see some of the cute little outfits i've been washing, on her. and oh tiny babies. i can't wait to nurse again (although, i know i will miss having my body as my own) and i love how bella loves babies.

here are some updated shots of the nursery, it's not quite done, because i am waiting on some matte board to come in for the pictures, and i need to find some more embroidery hoops. it's not like i can just run out to hobby lobby, so i am being forced to be a little more resourceful.

waiting on some more hoops to finish up

waiting on a hot glue gun.....

and the letter "o"

waiting on some matte board to use in the frames (that blue bird will not be in there) 

waiting for a baby, to fill these cute clothes! (this will be her hospital outfit)

sweet little elephants my dear friend made. these will fill the frames once the matte board arrives.

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