Monday, October 29, 2012

it's the little things about the little ones

i was catching up on my facecrackbook this morning when i saw someone post about getting a beaba babycook in 220v so she could use it over here.

(if you aren't familiar with the babycook, you do not cook your baby with it. i kid. it's a little steamer/food processor that you use to make baby food)

it gave me that little giddiness i get whenever i think about bella as an infant.

some days, this toddler thing makes me feel like i am losing my mind. her will is definitely stronger than mine most days, and there are moments i wonder if i will survive it.

but i digress.

infancy and babyhood was my bag, baby. i felt so perfectly where i was supposed to be. it was like i was born to have little bitty babies who couldn't talk back or sass.

i cloth diapered. i nursed like a pro (after that first 6 weeks of sandpapery torture). and i made all of bella's baby food. we had moments of "what the heck am i doing", but for the most part it seemed so natural to have a wee one. again-no back talking and sassing. it really makes all the difference that they lack the ability to talk or the desire to run away from you.

i've said before, i am excited to nurse again. i never thought i would be that mom. before i was pregnant i knew one mom who nursed. ONE. she raved about it. and i thought it was weird. not me. nope. no way. yucks. it didn't bother me that she did it. i just wouldn't be whipping out a boob for a baby to use as a pacifier. but after everything we went through to get pregnant, and all the research i did about nursing, i was determined it would be my future. (that's all i will say about that. i support feeding babies. formula or breast milk, just do it.)

cloth diapering we will do again, because for a full 2 years, it was great. there were minor set backs that we worked through, but for the most part it worked for us, until we stopped to potty train, then moved across the globe and kind of gave it up for the ease of transport of disposables. they are now newly stripped and awaiting a little baby bottom.

but baby food making-that's something we never stopped. it has just taken many different forms over the years. nutrition has always been pretty important for joel and me. i believe that proper nutrition starts from birth (actually, from conception, since the baby gets so much in the uterus. ) i decided on a no sugar diet, and wanted it to be as unprocessed as possible. which meant, i made just about everything i could.

it was incredibly rewarding. and when i read the girls post this morning, i had this flooded memory of making food for bella and how much i enjoyed it. i've been stocking up on some organic baby cook books and recompiling the old recipes i used for bella in the last few months, and while we still have a good 7 months before baby food will be on our radar again, i am excited all over again for making baby food.

bella always had such a fantastic appetite, and ate with such gusto, i often felt like wolfgang puck in a homeless shelter. seriously, she ate as though each meal was the best meal she had ever had. i love me some little appreciative babies.

now, most of the time, she acts like i am trying to poison her, but again, that is one of those "toddler will" things-once she tastes what the momma is cooking, she returns to her old self and gobbles it down. my girl has a great appreciation for food. i'm hoping little cora is the same way.

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