Monday, October 8, 2012

writing on the walls

we had our first "incident" with wall writing this weekend. i honestly can't believe it took her this long to put pen to wall.

i was pretty sick. like, up all night, "morning sickness" sick. so i was sleeping.

joel was home. i'm not sure if daddy's just don't register on toddlers radar as competent adult figures who are capable of retrieving appropriate drawing things, or what.

when i was feeling better, and noticed the crime, i confronted her.

me: "bella, why did you write on the wall!?"

bella: "aww, i real sowwy i drawed on the wall mommy, bup, 
i wanted to draw and i couldn't ask you for paper." {super sad pouty face} 

ahhh. it's my fault. that makes sense. 

so, i explain to her why we don't write on walls. because, you know, that makes more work for mommy, and mommy is not into more work. 

speaking of more work for mommy, we have this strange sense of wanting to teach bella about consequences. which means i get to sit in the hallway with her while she scrubs the wall with a magic eraser. for an hour. 

the theory of teaching your children about having to be responsible for their actions is theory. 

in practice? it takes a really, really long time. and a lot of patience. 

and also? a camera. 

who has this much fun cleaning? wipe that silly smile off your face, this second, young lady. but wait until after i take your picture......

and finally? you go buy a gallon of paint for the hallway, because after bella tried, mommy tried and daddy tried, the pen still didn't come off. 

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