Monday, October 29, 2012

fingers crossed this was my last appointment!

i had my 38 (1/2) week appointment today. i am getting a little tired of the 3 hour appointments and am very hopeful that this will be my last one. i have one scheduled the day before my due date, so i will probably not be that lucky, but i am banking on joel being at home for the next one, so at least i can sit there alone for a few hours.

bella was very well behaved, until we walked in the house, and then she lost her mind and started kicking the door, screaming for shredded cheese. which, of course, we ran out of last night. so, that was fun.

she spent about 5 minutes in her room, the whole time screaming, "i want me baby sister!!! i want my baby sister!!" it left me a little confused. but she is better now, and has also been informed that baby sister is not going to help her.

as for the appointment:

cora seems to be doing well, and measuring around 8 pounds. the doctor asked, "how big was your first? because this one is going to be pretty big". yay. that sounds fantastic. she said it's either that or my due date is miscalculated, which i am hoping is the real case and we see a baby in the next little bit!

she was bouncing around like a jumping bean during the ctg (heart rate monitoring), so i was hooked up for 45 minutes. as inconvenient as that was, it was a bit reassuring, since she isn't moving nearly as much as i remember bella moving. her movements are very intentional and mostly feel like she is stretching out her entire body, rather than spastic somersaults, like bella used to do.

i am 2 cm dilated, which is better than 0, but means little to me, since i walked around at 2 cm with bella for 2 weeks and then was induced.

total weight gain: 12 pounds. up about a pound from my last appointment, 2 weeks ago. as i was typing this, bella took my pretzel stick and asked, "momma, can i have this please?" i had just taken a bite out of it and sat it down, then reached for it only to find she had it. so maybe that's the reason for the little weight gain.....

cravings lately: ice. lots and lots of ice. i had read a while ago that ice cravings were linked to iron deficiency, but didn't think anything of it until the dr told me my iron was low today. so, that makes sense. and also explains why i am SO tired.

i've been having some contractions, but nothing really regular. just very uncomfortable.

once halloween passes, cora can come any time, but i am really hoping to be able to take bella around this year. her costume is most likely going to be her coat and some sweatpants over her cheer leading costume, because there is still snow on the ground and the forecast for that night is something like, 30 with a chance of rain. but i am really excited about it! living on base, there is a lot going on, so i think it's going to be pretty fantastic. the plan is to have some of her little friends over for dinner then get bundled up and go around until they are pooped.

and then we come home and i will eat all the candy put her candy in a small jar and eat hide the rest.

we also had some pictures done last week by my amazing friend. she is seriously the most creative and talented person i have met in real life. i fancy myself a bit of a crafter, and she puts me to shame. leaps and bounds.

bella was not cooperating and duke was constantly sitting backwards, so i was really impressed with the shots she got.

this one might be my most favorite of all. 

here is the link to all the pictures:
the password is Duke.

i have big plans to wallpaper the house with the pictures she took as soon as i win the lottery figure out which ones i want! and i am hoping she will sign up to be my official photographer and will follow my children all over the place taking pictures of them.

that's all for now. my big belly needs to rest.

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