Wednesday, October 17, 2012

the most obnoxious thing on tv

can we talk for a minute about something on tv that is really annoying?

no, i'm not talking about the debates.

what even is this hot mess? we have avoided it like the plague for almost 3 years.

until today.

bella got to choose something to watch on tv for a bit, so i could clean up last nights dishes. 

big mistake. i'm thinking the creator was on some serious drugs when he thought this one up. i'm not so sure he is off of might be the most obnoxious thing i have ever seen.

i let her watch it, only because it allowed me to be super productive, but i may need to learn how to block it for the sake of my sanity.

first of all, what is this??

i mean.....seriously.

second of all, i get the appeal for toddlers-boogers, farts, sticking weird things in their mouth and yo, gabba gabba (is that the correct punctuation? what is a gabba gabba?) all sound like really awesome things. but i'm not really keen on teaching her to pick boogers or laugh at farts. just because my almost 3 year old thinks it's a good idea does not, in fact, mean that it is a good idea.

after semi-listening/watching one episode with her, i am slightly fearful of her developing add, or maybe having a seizure. it skips around so quickly from one thing to another. again, it holds a toddlers attention. but a shortened attention span that jumps from one thought to another is not exactly what i want to instill in her. you know, like for when she is trying to do anything in life that requires an attention span longer than 30 seconds. which is everything.

and really? grown men in weird costumes, singing to children about their tummies and sillies creeps me out. it's right up there with ice cream men in white vans with no windows and strangers offering my kid candy. there is just something not quite right about it.

i'm just saying.

for now, i will let it go. i think if i make a big deal about it, she will just want to watch it more. but it is going the same road as sponge bob- "that one is broken". i know. lying is bad. but i'm not really lying. that is one broke show.

save me, "super why!"

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