Thursday, September 30, 2010

now, i am a big girl.

she was running all around, back and forth. taunting me. i was holding on as tight as i could, just knowing that if i let go, i would fall. my legs were too wobbly. the ground, hard and cold under my nearly bare feet.

but she moved so fast and free. i wanted to run like her. how was she so sure. so able?

she ran past me again, this time, brushing my shoulder with her hair. she turned around and laughed at me, waving at me to follow her.

i let go.

so far, so good.

one foot out, in front of the other. steady.

another step. and another. another. faster now.

....10, 11, 12, 13........18, 19......right up to the edge........

and now, that girl, that little girl, she's gone. now. now i am a big girl. now i can walk.


The Shaffers said...

Oh my gosh, SOOOO CUTE! Way to go Bella!!!

Kristy said...

I love how you wrote this...

Justine said...


Kathryn said...

Aww cute post!

"i love the style of this post. and i love what you are saying. you're not perfect. but you are perfectly made!

confession? i just ate a whole box of snack mix. but it was organic!! bahahah (because that makes it all better!)"

Thanks for your comment! Your confession made me smile!