Thursday, December 23, 2010

getting rid of my jiggly booty

i've started running. i know, perfect time to start, right?

i've always been somewhat active (more or less at different times in my life. most recently? less. much, much less.), but i have never, i repeat NEVER been much of a runner. not even when i played sports. i have big feet and short legs and bad knees and am a little top heavy. nope, those puppies didn't make their appearance just for the baby.

and i have excuses. because, really? who LIKES to run?

no you don't. no way. not possible. don't lie to me.

i'm starting out pretty slowly. i don't really enjoy running. so i don't want to burn myself out. i have been running 1.5 miles, then walking the last .5 mile. i know, to all you hard core runners, that is a warm up. but you have to remember, i. don't. run. unless i'm being chased. by a rabid dog. down a hill.

it takes 21 days to form a habit. i am on day 3. lame. i know. but i'm setting small goals.

goal #1-run 1.5 miles, every day, for one month.
goal #2-starting in february, run 2.5 miles, every day, for one month.
goal #3-run 5k every day.

that's it. i just want to be able to run a 5k, without walking, by the spring. maybe then, i will reevaluate, and try to make new goals for time.

this isn't about losing weight though, obviously, i am hoping it leads to that. this is about making myself stronger. making goals and reaching them. being a better me.

and making my jiggly butt, a little less jiggly.


Tinabelle27 said...

I've decided to run a 5K in the new year too! I was running but hurt my knee in the fall. The doc said no running til Jan so I'm hoping to be able to start again. How do you track how far you are running?

Leah said...

Good for you girl :) I know my resolution this year will be to lose some weight...but I loathe running, so I'm not too sure how I'm going to accomplish my goal. P90X is just too much for me right now. Good luck!!

Justine said...

i have just been running on a treadmill. i know it's not as accurate, but it's too cold outside and bella can hang out in the child care =)

there is also an app for iphone and android called c25k, which is supposed to train you to run a 5k.

leah-i've been doing some p90x along with running, but not the whole program. mostly just the plyo. every little bit helps. especially since i just downed 2 big ol glasses of sweet tea....i guess i need to kick that theory that if it's liquid it doesn't count =(