Thursday, December 9, 2010

i was bitter before. but now, it's thursday.

today? i am thankful.

i really am. i know i have been sour lately. it has showed in all of my relationships, and i am sorry for that. because i'm not usually snippy. usually i'm bright and cheery. usually? usually, i am encouraging and helpful. but lately? i have been irritated, tired and cranky.

so today, i am thankful for oh so much.

i am thankful that i have friends who forgive me on my cranky days.

i am thankful for a husband who doesn't just love my cheery disposition, but who also loves me because i make beautiful babies, wash his clothes, and can sometimes crack his scroogey exterior and make him giggle (that's right folks, he giggles. and it makes me smile)

i am thankful, that in spite of being "broken", i made a human baby who is stunning.

i am thankful that said baby is strong and determined and talented, even if it makes me very, very tired.

i am thankful for my husbands job that,  may leave me sleeping alone many nights, but, provides a pretty comfortable life for us.

i am thankful for two big dumb dogs who rest their heads in my lap, who wag their tails when i look at them and who snoop around the closets like 5 years olds trying to find their christmas presents. (duke has found them twice......)

and lastly? i am thankful for the flurries that fell last night. because i like snow. and i like unexpected things. like snow. in georgia. it's like an early christmas present.

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Alysha said...

aww what a sweet sweet post!! I wish we had snow here in california! :)