Wednesday, December 29, 2010

if i wasn't so sick, i might have something better to say

i have nothing interesting to say, it seems. 

i have been sick as sick gets and doped up on nyquil for the last 5 days. which pretty much ruined christmas for me, but not for bella! so here are some pictures from christmas. that's all i've got.

a laptop and a headlamp. now i am JUST like daddy!


going camping. see you guys later!

i much prefer these awesome things to my lame gifts. remember that next year, santa!
that's all for now. hopefully some sleep will do me good and i will have something worth while to say in the morning.

merry christmas and happy new year! 


Kristy said...

It's like the whole world has a cold! I am feeling it too, along with my whole family and so many other bloggers are commenting about it. Hope you get to feeling better!

Justine said...

we were out shopping yesterday and i heard three different people talking about how they were sick on christmas. it's an epidemic! lol. hope you feel better too!!