Tuesday, December 14, 2010

my christmas list

i don't want a lot for christmas. i really don't. and truth be told, i don't need a dime spent on me for most of it. but, for the benefit of my hubby (who has read my blog...maybe twice) i will put it all out there.

so here goes. my christmas list:

1. a full nights sleep. just one would suffice, but i'll take as much as i can get. and by that, i mean, going to sleep around 9:30pm and not waking up until, oh, say....9:00am. is that asking for too much? maybe. but i haven't slept one whole night through since before bella was born.

2. a clean house that i had no part in cleaning. i think that bears no explanation.

3. this.  with this. in red.. because lola chewed the stuffing out of our current bedding.

4. a day without bella. i love her. with every atom that forms my being. but, with the exception of maybe 2 days, i have been glued to her 24/7/365. there was that one day..... and that was alright, but the guilt i felt for leaving her with my friend for so long, unexpectedly, kind of made it hard to enjoy. and there was the sunburn. and the banjo. ::shudders:: what would i do? find a quiet corner in barnes and noble and camp out. all. day. long.

5. a christmas tree. no. i still don't have one. we decided to wait until after bella's birthday. then my husband worked 15 12-hour days with no day off. so, like, a christmas tree was the LAST thing he wanted to get into. and then? i lost my keys. so. i'm being punished, i think. and there are 11 days til christmas and i still have no tree.

honestly? i think that's it. i don't ask for much. i want joy and cheer and jingle bells and merriment. and a tree. and a break. i'm a simple gal.

so, someone, please, drop a hint to my hubby. because he needs a clue, lord help him. (love ya, babe!)


Bonita said...

You know what the funny part about being a mom to young children is...sometimes I go TDY without my kids for up to a week and I still can't sleep through the night...what a terrible habit!

Casey, Geoff & Alex said...

I am so sorry your husband has no clue, but truth be told all of our husband (with exceptions to the rule), are clueless when it comes to the demanding job of having small children. They go off to work everyday and we stay behind, knowing all to well that payback will never come our way. But we love our kids and we sacrifice ourselves for this job. With this being said I can grant a wish for you but you have to call me today, or texting might be easier. My family and I are from Michigan, so we leave tonight to go "home" for Christmas. As we leave our house in Georgia empty for the holidays, there will be this perfect tree left lonely. It's artificial, but already decorated. You could borrow it if you would like, I'll take the decorations off and leave the lights. You can come pick it up and take it home, easy peesy. We of course come back in town the 27th and will ask for it back, so we can have our small Christmas in Georgia. It is yours for the Holiday. 2693654934

Sammie said...

The joys of clueless husbands--I think most of them are afflicted with that particular problem. When Evie was one, I think I would have gladly accepted any of those things as Christmas gifts too. We love our kids, but sometimes we don't love that we never feel rested and never have a moment to ourselves.

Justine said...

casey-thank you for your offer! we are actually going to get a tree. we just haven't had the time =( now that we get a break though, we will definitely be getting one! but i seriously appreciate that!! ask and you shall receive!=) you're awesome.

bonita-i know! it's a curse, really. lol. bella slept all night last night (i think she reads my blog??) and i STILL woke up!!! haha. no rest for the mommy.

sammie-girl, part of me can't wait for the day i can say, "i remember when i wanted that....." at the same time? i want bella to stay small.=)

(p.s. he needs a clue for my christmas present, by the way. thought i should clarify....=) he is pretty good with the rest of it!)