Thursday, March 24, 2011

15 months and well baby check

bella has been 15 months for a little over a week now. this "landmark" just doesn't strike me as something that requires a special post. for the first 6 months, each week is special, after that, each month is pretty important. they change so much each day. but once they hit one, it's like....time kind of hovers. people ask me how old she is and i say, "she's uh....wait. what month is it? oh. right."

since there is a well check, i figured i would post her stats, if only for posterity.

height: 30 inches
weight: 23 pounds 8.5 ounces

last weekend, she had a pretty mean ear infection, so we also made this a follow up appointment for that. 

her ears were clear.

as of today bella can say a pretty good amount of words, including: mama, dada, lola, duke, turtle, shoes, food, up, down, open, apple, bath, banana, slide, swing, brooke (her aunt), yaya (her grandma), diaper, dirty, 

she can point to her eyes, ears, nose, toes, hair, mouth and tongue. she will go get a diaper out of her drawer if you ask her to. she throw things in the garbage when asked to (and sometimes even if you don't ask her to). 

she can sign milk, water, food, more, open, and all done.

she loves going down slides, and will go down them all on her own. including big curly slides, which scares mommy sometimes. if you ask her to swim, she lays downs on her tummy with her arms out in front and kicks her feet. she loves being outside and would probably stay out there all day if i let her. we recently blew up the pool and she spent over an hour playing in it.  

she is still rear facing in her carseat, and since it's recently become a new policy by the AAP that children remain rear facing until they are 2, i'm glad we chose that path. we have chosen to keep her rear facing until she hits the height and weight requirements for her car seat, even if she is 2. we got her a graco myride 65 for her 1st birthday, so she can safely stay rear facing up to 40 pounds. we made this decision after reading about the benefits and seeing this video

aaaaaaand, i think that's all of the pride i can vomit into one post.  this is as bad as those "my kid is on the honor roll" bumper stickers. well, maybe worse....

i did get a voicemail when i got out of the pediatricians office from joel. it said " just calling to make sure my most adorable little girl passes her inspection." i kid you not. i can not make this up, people. this man's man, military, car fixing, furniture building, rough and gruff man, loves his daughter. and i love him even more for that. 

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