Tuesday, March 1, 2011

top ten with sluiter nation

it's top 10 tuesday over at sluiter nation. each week, katie posts a top ten topic, inspired by david letterman, himself.

this week, it's top 10 guilty pleasures. usually, people make no apologies for their guilty pleasures. i will probably find myself wringing my hands after this, in hopes that joel doesn't find it and then bans me from being home during the day. but here goes anyway:

10. spell check. i hate misspellings and grammatical errors. but my addiction to spell check has gotten ridiculous. while i was writing in my journal a few days ago, i found myself looking for the squiggly red line.....

9. dressing up bella. i do find a little too much joy in accessorising  that child. i think she has a better wardrobe than i do, and she definitely has more shoes than joel and i have put together!

8. coffee in the morning. 

7. slice it app for android. crack, that game. i can't put it down.

6. sabre hummus. it wouldn't be guilty if i ate it like a normal human being. meaning, a serving, 2 at most. no. i eat the whole. darn. thing.

5. eating junk food when joel is deployed/tdy. i swear, it's a good thing he doesn't go for longer than 6 months at a time, or i would be a WHALE when he came back. it's like i have no self control when he's gone. eesh. that's embarrassing. 

4. target. it's disturbing, actually. i go for one or two things and end up buying way more. and then i feel all red faced and flushed when i leave, and sometimes i even go return stuff, i feel so bad. that is bad, isn't it. oh man...

3. online shopping. etsy. gymboree. pottery barn. pottery barn kids. pretty much, joel should put a lock on the computer. but i would find a way. i always find a way. 

2. coffee shops. namely? starbucks. and while it is good, i only pick it because it is one of only 2 coffee shops in our little town. and the other one is too far. and this starbucks has a drive through. 

1. facebook. the ultimate time waster of all time. ever. but it's oh so glorious in it's ability to allow me to have actual adult conversations that don't involve cleaning up poop and screaming, "don't put that in your mouth!". and only when bella is in bed. of course. 

now that i wrote that out, i am a little mortified concerned. it seems like all i do is spend money and eat. and that sounds lazy. but really, i do other things! like blog! and cook! wait....

no apologies. no apologies....no....ap...olo...gi....essss......


Sluiter Nation said...

oh lord. Starbucks really should have had a spot on my list. near #1 for sure.

it's like my crack.

Taylor Wise said...

Sbux is probably #1 on my list too! For my birthday I literally got (are you ready): a Magic Eraser (I think my mom was trying to tell me something). A new lufa. An UGLY ASS garden gnome. and..... $150 in Starbuck's gift cards. So basically, I got $150 in Sbux gift cards and a bunch of stuff to take to Goodwill (minus the magic eraser... those are handy on wall artwork)!

Target is also a pitfall for me. I went in today for a $5 4T white shirt and left with $87 of I don't know what!

Justine said...

omg taylor. that made me laugh. you sound like me! i go into target for those organic food pouches for snacks for bella and i leave with a cart FULL of crap. well, it's not crap. i *need* all of it. of course. i just didn't know it until i got there. joel has limited my target shopping to once a week.....and i keep dropping hints for bdays and christmas-if people would just get me starbucks i would be a happy girl! =) but a magic eraser, that is too funny!!

angela said...

Coffee places that have drive-thrus make my heart warm and fuzzy. (Addicted to caffeine? not me!)