Friday, March 11, 2011

room update: bella's play nook becomes a reading nook

i don't like using rooms for their intended purpose. most of the time. so our eat in kitchen became a play area for bella when we moved in. in my mind, she would quietly and peacefully play on the 10x4 foam mat while i cooked, cleaned and enjoyed drinking bottles of wine all activities domestic goddesses enjoyed.

only, i'm learning that i'm not all that domesticated. aka i don't really like spending all my time cooking and cleaning.

and bella does not sit quietly and play. she runs like a mad woman all around the house, throwing toys from the play area into the bathroom, and books from her room under the dining room table.

so that plan back fired.

my new idea of awesomeness was a reading nook which i always said we should have was my husbands idea.

whole room view, pre art

wall art. the chalkboard is temporary, the "READ" sign i made. we're hanging that sign. eventually.
letters waiting to be glued, and bella's play area and bird mobile

it still has a little bit to go before it's complete. my next project is getting a little table and a small bookcase to add in somewhere.

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