Thursday, March 17, 2011

i've got the itch for stitch. and being cheesy.

i have been struggling to come up with interesting stuff to say lately. creatively, i feel on fire right now. just not writing creatively. 

i got my sewing machine in the mail about a week ago. i used to sew a little in high school, mostly in my "not-PC-to-call-it-home-ec" fashion design class. but it was home ec. 

i took it, because a friend was taking it, and i thought it would be a slacker class. plus, the teacher was the mom of a girl i knew, and i was pretty sure i was her favorite student ever a shoe in for an easy a going to like her.

but i loved the class. LOVED it. we started out making pillows and pajama pants. i thought it would be really hard and all complicated. but it came to me so easily. granted, those are pretty simple projects. but then, we started making tops and toys and all kinds of fun patterns. 

then the class ended, and i had no interest in pursuing sewing anymore. i was an athlete, so sports was my hobby. i played softball, basketball, swimming and diving. so after the semester ended and i graduated, i never gave it a second thought. 

fast forward to a few months ago. apparently, a lot of the hand made stuff i want to make for bella, requires a sewing machine. it's been 10 years since i took that sewing class. so i took a refresher at a local sewing shop on how to make a jumper. and then i had the itch.

so joel bought me a sewing machine and that's where i've been. sewing. sewing. and more sewing.

i've been scouring the interwebs trying to find cute and easy sewing projects, and learning about how to use all the functions of my machine. it's been fun. and time consuming. bella's naps are filled with searching and sewing. each week, i have something else i need to get at hobby lobby (which isn't much different from usual, but now it's more). 

here is a little taste of what i've been making. 

recovering a pillow

dresses for b

more to come soon, but it's time to run to hobby lobby!! 

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