Monday, March 21, 2011

new trends in parenting? i missed the memo.

i saw this on twitter a while ago. i kind of chocked it up to crazy famous people and their crazy ideas on parenting and other crazy stuff.

because we all know famous people are crazy. especially tom cruise.

but today, while we were out walking, i saw a kid, who appeared to be about 4 or 5 walking around with a paci in his mouth. 

and 2 days ago, shopping at old navy, i saw a little girl who may have even been older (or just really tall for her age) with one. 

i don't like to judge parents for their parenting decisions most of the time (unless you are smacking your kid in the head). i know every kid is different, and every parent is different and i do believe in finding the rythym that works for your family. bella never really cared for a pacifier. i tried to get her to take a soothie, and that failed huge time. i even bought a wubbanub. it got most of its use about a week ago when she found it in the garage and started chewing on the paci part. 

i tried to get her to take a mam. that didn't last long either. i gave up after that because kids don't need pacifiers. and i'm not going to force something on her that isn't necessary. (note: i'm not saying they're bad, and i know they serve a wonderful purpose in reducing the risk of sids in children under 1 year. but children will be just fine without them. )

so maybe i don't have a platform to stand on. i have never had to break my child of a comforting habit like sucking on a pacifier or a thumb. 

but in my mind, i can not rationalize how letting a 5 year old suck on a pacifier all day is a good idea. nevermind the teeth issues you will have later on. every kid i know has or has had braces, so clearly that is not a good argument. i just don't see the benefit. it isn't like they only have it at bedtime, or only when they are upset. these kids are in stores in the middle of the day, walking around sucking on a pacifier. i can only assume that they have it all day long, every day. 

i so get not wanting to fight with your kid to break a habit. but won't it only get worse the older they get? won't they just be able to fight better? fight harder? 

i also get wanting to let them stay a kid for as long as possible. but how about we just not let them watch racy shows or hang out with kids like these?

hanging on to this habit is going to create bigger problems than a little fit at bedtime. how about when your kid goes to kindergarten? when other kids see him sucking away on that thing, the jokes are going to start flying. that may be the quickest way to get him to give it up, but it most definitely won't be the healthiest. 

take it away already.

there is no medical reason to keep it. there is no developmental reason to keep it. in fact, there are reasons, both medically and developmentally, to NOT keep it after a certain age. 

is this a new trend among modern parents? or am i just surrounded by weak willed parents? sorry to call you that. if you are a prolonged paci parent, PLEASE, enlighten me. because i clearly do not understand. 

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