Sunday, January 6, 2013

life as we now know it!

i feel like my brain is just reeling! i keep meaning to sit down in a moment of silence and talk about how our life is. spill out my heart about our travels, our trials, our tribulations......

only i sit down and i get distracted by facebook, then i remember that i needed to balance the budget, only to notice we've been paying double car payments since we have lived in germany, then i try to call the bank to stop the double payments and remember that i need to write out a grocery list, then bella poops and cora starts crying, then cora poops and bella starts crying, and duke is whining, then duke stops whining and i smell poop......

what was i sitting down to do?

and where did all these chocolate wrappers come from?

and where are my clean socks!?!? 

yeah, it' like that.

i'm not complaining. we get a full nights sleep, and if we don't it's our own fault-bella sleeps 12-14 hours a night and cora sleeps beside me and only starts grunting and making a bit of noise when she is hungry, and then promptly falls back asleep. she is down from around 10 pm to 10 am {knock, knock, KNOCK on wood!!!}. and of course, she naps quite a bit during the day. 

i could potentially be really proactive and get up when joel goes to work and shower,dress, clean, get on the computer, catch up on grey's, all before bella bats an eye, but i value those 3 hours of deep, whole bed to myself, still pitch dark outside sleep too much to get up. 

over the last month, my mom came to visit, bella turned 3, cora is turning 2 months (tomorrow!), we hit all the major (and some of the minor) christmas markets in the area (stuttgart, ludwigsburg, esslingen, heidelberg and rothenburg), we had a pretty fantastic christmas ourselves, we celebrated a toned down but just as fantastic new years and we spent the first few days of the new year in munich. 

it's pretty much been a whirlwind of a month. i didn't get hardly any christmas presents sent out (and still have several sitting on my kitchen table) and i still have a stack of christmas cards/birth announcements on the hutch. i have to drive 30 minutes to buy stamps (or do it on wednesday between 1 and 3) and have to send all packages to be shipped with joel, and he can only do it between the hours of 3 and 6. it's complicated. so if you're reading this and haven't gotten a christmas present or card, you know why! 

and if this seems disjointed? it's because joel is currently taking apart the couch, calling me to help him every couple of minutes, cora has been up and down from her nap spitting up all over the bed, and bella has pooped and then decided to play a game on the computer and keeps needing my help. 

i wouldn't say being a parent of 2 is "hard", so to speak. it's just busy. and a little tiring. and disjointed. and full of poop!!

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