Tuesday, January 22, 2013

spring fever

i know it's still winter. there is snow EVERYWHERE! but i keep getting these pesky e-mails about spring clothes! at first, i didn't even open them, but then i used my gymbucks to get the girls some new clothes and OH! the cuteness. so i thought i would share the things i am crazy for right now!

i've always been crazy for sperry's. bella has had a pair each spring. which means cora has a pair each spring (once she is in hard bottom shoes). these are my new favorites. 

kelly's kids romper. love! 

kelly's kids romper

kelly's kids.
bella has several of these skorts from seasons past. they are fantastic  for the way she plays .

ah!! kelly's kids. i LOVE the seersucker and lobsters. with the perfect little bows at the bottom. 

janie and jack have the BEST swim suits. ever. 

janie and jack 

kelly's kids 

gymboree anchor shirt

gymboree shorts

i am clearly digging the nautical theme. it just stinks that for the first time in....ever....we are more than a few hours from the coast.

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