Thursday, January 24, 2013

potty trained!

i think it is safe to say, bella has potty trained herself.

you remember how bella expressed no desire to pee in anything but a diaper?

welp. that was annoying. and went on for way longer than i would like to admit.

BUT. the big but! one morning last week, she walked out of her bedroom carrying undies, took off her pull up and put the undies on. and that was that.

she wears her undies all day, goes to the potty on her own and wipes and pulls up her pants by herself and it's all good.

but, until today, she wore a pull up whenever we would leave the house, because i am so afraid she will just pee all over herself, and i can barely remember my name half the time-i sure won't remember an extra outfit in case she has an accident.

today was gymnastics class, and as usual, i put her in a pull up and sent her on her way. i ran upstairs to get in my workout (thursdays are quickly becoming my new favorite day!) and shortly after i got back down, her teacher came out with her, and said, "she said she needs to use the potty". i shake my head, wondering why now, in the middle of her class, she decides to use the potty. i admit, i was slightly irritated because i knew, just knew that once we got to the potty, she would miraculously not have to go any more. but i went through the motions, because i don't want to discourage her.

i got her to the potty, started pulling down her pants and she declares, "i don't need to use the potty!"

"you are sitting on the toilet until something comes out." i say, as rationally and calmly as i can muster.

2 seconds later, her face lights up and i hear that little tinkle!!

"I DID IT!!!"

so there we are. i mean, she will still wear pull ups at night, because i am too lazy to clean sheets in the middle of the night. and probably when we are in the car for a long time and out on the economy (since there are no toilets anywhere), but i guess technically, i can claim that she is there!

it takes a huge burden off my shoulders. especially when it feels like every one we know has a potty trained 2 year old, and here we are, 3 years and nearly 2 months old.

i'm proud of my girl. mostly because she chose to do it on her own.

i should have known better. bella works on her own timeline and always has. usually she does things early, sometimes she does things late. i guess peeing in a toilet was just low on her priority list.

now poop....that's a different story. pooping still makes her cry. apparently, her poop is scary.

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