Wednesday, January 23, 2013

toddler activity-color mixing

today, bella did a little experiment. this activity covered science, math and art and in the process bella had a lot of fun making a mess. it' pretty much her favorite thing to do.

first we gathered our supplies: 

some cheap shaving cream
food coloring
plastic bags
a piece of paper to record our results

we started out with cheap ziploc bags. this was a bit of a science experiment in it's own right! we found that the zipper style ziploc bags are much better at containing semi-liquids. 

so, first result, use better bags! 
i had zipper bags on hand, so i brought those out. 

next, we listed the colors we would be using: blue, red, yellow and green came in our box. so those were our colors. 

first, we filled bags with shaving cream..

then we added the color combinations. we started with red + blue. i even let bella add the coloring. 

we added 10 drops of each color. she counted them out (math!).
then got those little hands mixing!!

 once she was done mixing, i had her identify the color we made and then pick a crayon that most closely resembled that color. she then drew a circle and colored it in.

 then we got a fresh bag and tried a different color combination.

this is a messy activity. but it doesn't have to be. if you add the colors yourself, it can stay relatively clean. bella just must help with everything.

check out your results! we talked about our observations-what colors mix well: red+blue, yellow+red, blue+yellow. which led us to talk about "primary colors". and which colors didn't mix so well: all of them mixed together. 

her results. 

as i tap this out, we are hanging out in the bathroom. she is enjoying a nice LOOOONG soak. and some play time! 

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