Tuesday, January 18, 2011

the battle of the sippies: round 1: flip tops

tommee tippee explora lil sippy flip top vs. nuby no spill mega flip it

tommee tippee

leakproof: 7
durability: 9
ease of use: 3 

\very durable. double wall insulated, so it keeps milk cold for longer, whih is great on long outings.

the flip top (bella can't open it herself), difficulty drinking (almost impossible after taking it apart to clean, it has to be put back just perfectly), not see through, the straw leaks when the water get's caught in the valve


leakproof: 8
durability: 4
ease of use:10

 bella can open it, see through, the straw is very easy to use, valve keeps food from going back in the sippy, 

 plastic is weak (broke after being dropped from the high chair), water gets caught in the valve and when you open it it splashes

and the winner is..........

 this was a close race, but i think i am declaring the nuby the winner. bella can barely drink out of the tommee tippee, and really, that's the point, right? 


Taylor Wise said...

Go Bella! Parker can't drink out of the Nuby to save his life! We have to use the playtex ones.

Justine said...

i think i will test out the playtex one next. i am going to keep trying different ones until we find the one that works best for bell =) this should be interesting.