Thursday, January 6, 2011

pour one out for the babies

today? i am opening a bottle of wine and celebrating.

why do you ask? because one year and 3 weeks ago, bella and i started on a very roller coaster like journey. and now? it's over.

i'm talking about boobs here, people. specifically, ones used to nourish my baby.

i thought i would be sad when bella stopped nursing. truth be told? if it had been earlier, i might have been sad. i may have even shed a tear. but we have been in this nursing relationship for one year and 3 weeks. that far surpassed my original goal of 6 months.

bella latched with no trouble 30 minutes after being born. we never dealt with thrush, or infections, or clogged ducts. we never dealt with a bad latch or her refusing to nurse. bella was quite the boobie monster.

it was painful at first. very intensely painful at times. i remember when she was about 2 weeks old, every time it was time to feed her, i would start to cry in anticipation. and when she would latch, it would cause me to scream.

that's the thing no one really prepares you for. the lactation consultant told me, "if it hurts, you're doing it wrong". and after the initial few weeks, that may be true. but at first? it hurts. bad. looking back, the painful period didn't last long. but while recovering from birth and not sleeping much and nursing every 3 hours, it seemed to last a lot longer.

but after the pain? it was gloriously wonderfully simple. once bella and i got into a routine, once we hit our stride, nursing became my most favorite thing as a mother. for one, it allowed me to be lazy. and i am lazy. and i like it. there was no warming bottles. no getting up to prepare formula. no testing to see if the temperature was right, then waiting another 2 minutes only to have heated it up TOO much. it was, plop. done. i even got to where i could lay down while nursing. that made it even greater. also, it was extremely portable. i didn't have to carry a cooler and then look for a source for hot water everywhere i went. i just found a comfy spot and started feeding her.

it wasn't all glorious. there was that time i was nursing her in target and a man followed me all over the store, peering over my shoulder. true story.

and i had people blaming bella's sleep problems on my choice to nurse. and cloth diaper. because those are bad parenting choices. apparently.

and there was that one time that i was asked to go sit in a room where the door could be shut while dining at a restaurant. another true story.

sadly, there are people who are ignorant when it comes to breastfeeding. but there are an increasing amount of people who are incredibly aware of the benefits and naturalness of it. it's not for everyone. i get that. but, no one should ever feel shame for choosing to feed their child. whatever way that may be.

to new momma's (or soon to be new momma's) who may be reading this, if you are on the fence, if your deciding factor is wrapped up in being embarrassed? take heart in knowing you are not alone. it's a struggle at first. as is everything child related. but i have never met anyone who said they REGRETTED breast feeding. true statement.

weaning wasn't nearly as difficult as i imagined it would be either. bella has a lovey that she sleeps with, and i am certain that made all the difference. i started doing a little research when she was almost one, and decided to do baby led weaning. i was CERTAIN that she would continue to nurse until she was 5. it would be my luck. slowly, we cut back. i wouldn't deny her, but we played a lot more. i kept her pretty distracted. after about a week, we were only nursing first thing in the morning and right before bed. then one day, she didn't nurse before bed. i didn't offer it, but i didn't refuse her either. she just didn't ask. the next night, same thing.

now we were only nursing in the morning. that lasted for about 3 days. and then a few days ago, she stopped. completely. on. her. own. we haven't nursed again since.

over all, i loved nursing, and i will do it again with every child i am blessed with, for as long as i can and for as long as they want it. i know i'm lucky to have had such a great experience.


Hi, I'm Natalie. said...

We had very similar experiences... *mumble*lying*lactation*consultants*mumble


Jenn said...

Congrats for making it that long! People are dumb if they say nursing is the reason for her sleep problems. My baby (who is 10 months now) has been bottled-fed since 8 weeks old due to milk allergy and she is a crappy sleeper, people are just dumb.

Sammie said...

Congrats! We made it just under 13 months with breastfeeding too, and even though it was tough at first and I never went anywhere because I was too afraid to nurse in public, I don't regret it one bit. Next child? Totally being breastfed. And I WILL nurse on the go this time because of moms like you who've shown the world that its normal, its natural, and we don't care if you don't like it! :)

YaYa said...

I am so proud of you sweetie! but also glad for this milestone for you, Bella and for me. Now that she is less dependent on you, you will have more freedom and I can take care of her for whole weekends at a time! Our baby is growing up and you are doing a great job as a mommy.
Love ya!

Justine said...

thanks everyone. i had a lot of support, which is what helped me get through it all.

sammie-there were times we were out that i was totally mortified. especially when b stopped letting me use a cover and would "ice skate"-stand on one leg with the other leg sticking straight out. and one time? i nursed her on a chair in the bathroom. not my finest moment. but she was little and i was nervous. the more you do it, the easier it get's for sure.

jenn-yes. i agree. people are dumb. =) funny thing? it was a dad. who didn't have anything to do with his kid sleeping. lol. whatever. she sleeps now, so there.

natalie-stupid LC's. i think she didn't want me to wuss out. but really? it made it worse, because i constantly felt like i was doing something wrong.

mom-yep, i'm shipping b to you as. we. speak. enjoy! ;)

torie@Life With Rylie said...

That's awesome! Congrats girl! I hoping to make it a bit longer with the next one. Rylie and I made it to 7 months strictly pumping. Ahh. But hopefully the next one goes better.

People are ridiculous! Don't listen to them :)

Kelsey said...

I just started reading your blog, Justine! It's fun, since our girls are close in age! I yearned to nurse in public, actually. We did great for 4 days, then in the 98 degree August heat in between grad school classes, I gave up. Like Torie, pumped exclusively for 7 or so months. Ahhhh. What a PAIN! I can't wait to give it another try with the next one. Congrats!!